01 The Inability to be Looked at and the Horror of Nothing to See

2008-2009, Live Performance
17 minutes

The Inability to Be Looked at and the Horror of Nothing to See is a live performance that takes form as a group meditation. Viewers are directed, by a disembodied voice, through a series of breathing exercises, new-age visions, and dark, dysphoric confessions, all the while being instructed to pluck out the hair from an androgynous, stripped body in the center of the gallery.

Performed: PRAXIS Mojave in Joshua Tree, CA 2008. Resonate/Obliterate at Sweeney Gallery, UC Riverside, CA 2009. Visions of Excess at Spill Festival, London UK 2009. APF LAB, New York, 2009. Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, 2009.

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