06 They Answered in Unison

They Answered in Unison is a forthcoming short-format experimental film that recognizes the cross-generational evolution of transgender identity. It features Mother Flawless Sabrina,  Zackary Drucker’s most frequent collaborator. The film’s cast features Flawless as the grand dame, Drucker and Rhys Ernst as a couple in a love-forsaken relationship, Drucker’s real-life mother, her eight year old nephew, and chosen sister Van Barnes.

… may I not squander the astonishments?
I’ll sit once again
So boldy
At my beginning dark spot
Where one story does not yet become another
And words which have not yet come to me
Will not yet tell
One thing from another
The tendency will shine on the first way downhill
And it will seem to me that all of this is legend
One of those in which there is no way to look back
And yet, you do
Uncomfortable, but you do …

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