02 This Is Me

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Created and directed by members of the transgender community and produced by Wifey.tv, This is Me is an anthology of heartfelt and funny short-form documentaries inspired by the multi-Golden Globe winning and Emmy nominated series Transparent. Director Rhys Ernst, Producer Xan Aranda, Story Producer Esti Giordani, Co-Producers Zackary Drucker and Cortney Wilson explore the difficult, real-life issues faced by people who are trans and gender non-conforming. 

Each episode takes on a specific topic: coming-out, the importance of inter-generational sharing, bathroom politics and struggles, public mis-gendering, and sisterhood as a survival strategy to combat the pandemic of violence against trans women. This Is Me contextualizes the lasting cultural changes made by the growing trans civil rights movement.

This Is Me features Van Barnes, Maya Jafer, D’Lo, Valerie Spencer, Lily Rubenstein, Rocco Kayiatos, and more.

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